What costs are involved?

  • Initial client consultation and on-site inspection is free of charge.
  • Architects and engineering stage. Once complete we can then work on providing you a fixed priced quote.
  • Once plans are approved from you, we will provide you with a preliminary agreement contract which will include a fee to cover the costs for planning and designing your home (architect and engineering costs, soil and surveying reports, site measuring). This fee is not a set fee as every project is different. It’s simply to cover the true cost of the above mentioned. Once the preliminary fee is paid all reports are yours to keep.
  • Once plans are finalised a final quote can be produced and a fixed priced contract is completed. All plans and reports are sent with the application reports to your local council for a development consent and at this point we ask for an initial deposit of 5% of the build cost. Note: Council fees are normally excluded but can be arranged to be bundled with the build cost. The remaining payments are made when the relevant stages are completed as per fixed price contract.
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